About Kiaayo

Kiaayo is a lifestyle brand, originated from Kutch, and given purpose by exemplary artisans with exceptional skills from the native land. In every collection that is launched, an exquisite amalgamation of traditional handicraft techniques infused with ultra-modern styles can be seen.

Kiaayo's workforce, including board members and staff, consists of more than 90% of female employees, which goes hand in hand with Kiaayo's mission to empower women. Delving into the rich heritage of Kutch, it has around 32 art forms, which combined with western trends and Kiaayo's support for the skills of artisans from Kutch has resulted in unique collections that can be worn by urban/working women as well as housewives or trendy fashion lovers from all over India. 

Kiaayo products are made by handwoven fabric weaved in Kutch or have some form of handicraft on them which is done by our talented team of artisans from Kutch. Artisans designs unique products with traditional skills and techniques of their culture and heritage which is clearly reflected in our products.

Kiaayo products are not only handmade or handcrafted but are affordable, organic, natural, and contemporary. Kiaayo is linked up with a huge number of artisans in Kutch who are champions in various types of crafts, thus building a base for skilled, sustainable rural employment, and preserving Kutch's traditional handicrafts in the process.

As a brand, Kiaayo Fashion constitutes women’s wear products and accessories. Each product of this traditional style offers the utmost comfort for the style icons and fashionistas who love to flaunt their contemporary glamour with a ting of ethnicity.  Depicting the real culture of the lively state, each product is manufactured with love and warmth to make sure that it is not only comfortable but stylish for anyone who wears it.

Kiaayo products are manufactured using various types of weavings like Kala Cotton, Mashru Weaving, Fine Cotton, and also an Embroidery created as a vibrant expression of the rural way of life, their rituals, and their legends. So indulge in the tradition and rich culture of Kutch and let your outfit speak out loud about your style quotient. 

Every Kiaayo product has a special journey as well and many of the products take weeks of dedicated work and immense craftsmanship before they are ready. The process of weaving every product is a celebration of centuries of tradition and the authenticity of Indian arts and every Kiaayo Queen who embraces Kiaayo carries the magic, love, and beauty that truly shine through. So wear Kiaayo Product in style and comfort like never before…